Help a Mother of 4 beat Cancer

To know my sister Andrea is to love her. And I can guarantee if you know her, she has made you laugh so hard you (almost) peed your pants on more than one occasion. Most of you know Catherine was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer with metastases to her liver in late 2019.
Long story short, at the young age of 38, my sister was face-to-face with her mortality – but if you know my sister, you also know she’s a WARRIOR, and without a second thought, she started fighting. First, several sessions of radiation, followed by endless rounds of painful chemotherapy. Liver surgery in June 2020, where they (miraculously) removed all of the tumors. Later that year, colon surgery, where the tumor was removed and left Andrea with a colostomy bag. Thankfully, the colostomy was reversed a few months later. She continued chemo every 2 weeks, with an occasional “chemo vacation.” Through all of this, with a smile and a laugh, Andrea continued to navigate work, 4 kids, their endless sporting events, and getting dinner on the table. Finally, some good news! Scans gave us hope – THE CANCER WAS GONE! But that celebration turned out to be short-lived…
Her cancer marker numbers were still high, meaning cancer cells were still lingering in her body. The doctors said it was a “waiting game” to see when and where the cancer would rear its ugly head. Late last year, we found out. Several nodules (or small tumors) were in her lungs. A more aggressive, and therefore more painful, chemo regimen was started. Despite yet another devastating blow, my sister still held hope close, and fought the fight without expecting any help or sympathy.
We are now at a crossroads. The latest scan says SEVERAL more tumors have grown, and “chemo for life” is now the new norm. Massive expenses have accrued over the past 6 months – her home in St. Louis has flooded twice, her air conditioner had to replaced during the hottest part of the summer, and the medical bills continue to pile higher and higher. Thanks to COVID, the economy, and the “chemo hangovers,” her opportunity to work has been severely limited. On top of that, she is a single mother of four (Michelle (18), Emily (17),  Lily (16), and Peter (08)). She currently has one kid in college; next year 2, and the year after that 3 kids in college – at the same time! There’s no other way to say it – we need financial help!
If you know my sister Andrea, you also know she does not ask for help. She would much rather be the one lending a helping hand. But she also desperately wants to survive – for her kids and ALL of you she considers family. Please consider donating to lessen just ONE of my sister’s many burdens. We NEED this warrior around for a long, long time. And I need my sister here to make me laugh so hard I (almost) pee my pants.
All donations will be given directly to Andrea and her family.

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